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Boland Bins has now been rated as a Level 2 Contributor for BEE purposes. This means that purchases from Boland Bins can be recognised at a level of 125% of purchase value. This rating is therefore beneficial for clients trying to secure a BEE rating. Boland Bins continually strive to implement good business practices as well as contribute to community development in a responsible manner. This rating affirms Boland Bins as a responsible business in the community.

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Wood Pallets and Wood Bulk Bins Rental and Manufacture

Manufacture and rental of wooden pallets and wooden bulk binsSince 1997 Boland Bins, situated near Cape Town in the Boland town of Wellington, Western Cape South Africa, has been renting and manufacturing wood pallets and bulk bins. The wooden bulk bin container, designed in the late sixties, has proven to be the most practical and easiest way to move fruit and vegetables from farm orchards and land to the warehouse and factory. Wood bins are the preferred choice because it is more economical, easier to repair and more durable compared to other types of containers.

A wood pallet or timber pallet is a flat transport structure which is intended to support a variety of goods in a secure position while being lifted by a forklift. Goods are secured on top of the pallet and most pallets can easily handle loads of 1,000 kg. Containers have become the preferred choice for transport of nearly all goods and this has spurred the use of pallets because the containers offer clean, level surfaces that are required to make pallet movement effective. Boland Bins can manufacture both standard pallets and non-standard pallets customised to clients requirements.

The capital outlay of wood bulk bins are often a major investment and therefore the quality of the wood bins is very important. Factors that influence the working life of wooden bins include the number of knots in the wood, the specie of the wood, how the wood was seasoned and the assembly method used to make the bulk bins. Because of the initial capital outlay it can make more financial sense to rent bins if the bulk bins are required for less than four months of the year.

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Boland Bins can provide transport for bulk bins and wooden pallets and service for industry in the Western Cape and Boland areas near Cape Town including the farming communities of Wellington, Ceres, Worcester, Ashton, Franschhoek, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and all areas within 200 km radius of Wellington South Africa.

Contact Boland Bins if you have any questions concerning wood bulk bins and wood pallets.